A Utility Shed Doesn’t Have to Be All Utilitarian!

Just because something bears a name, that name doesn’t necessarily define it! When it comes to utility sheds, they can serve all sorts of purposes

Just because something bears a name, that name doesn’t necessarily define it! When it comes to utility sheds, they can serve all sorts of purposes. Instead of building a garage to house all of your stuff or clearing it out for entertaining, a utility shed can be your go-to for extra space and to enjoy your backyard spaces more. These are just a few of the more creative plans that you can use this summer and beyond.

A Haven from the Sun

It was just three short decades ago that tanning was all the rage. Sadly, we know better nowadays. If you are tired of sitting in the hot sun, slathered in sunscreen, why not make your utility shed the perfect place for your summer siesta? Throw an afternoon soiree in the garden without having to really sit in the garden. Mix up some cocktails while you are at it and have a sun-day fun-day any day. Hey, it’s summer – live it up before the cold weather returns!

Workout Hideout

If you can’t find a way to carve out a place inside the house for your workout, a utility shed is an excellent double for a weight room. All you need is a little space for weights, a mat, and to hang a mirror on the wall, and you have your private place to clear your head and find your chi. Yoga is best done in the serenity of your own space, so be the zen master of your utility shed domain. Add some candles, incense, and leave the chaos of your house behind!

Garden Shed

If you are a gardener, a utility shed is a perfect place to pot your plants and create your growing magic. You don’t have to worry about where to store everything or piece it all together. Just hang some hooks, fill the space with all that you need to fertilize and nourish, and it can be your own secret garden shed. Being out in the hot summer sun can dissuade even the greenest thumb, but making a place to be more comfortable will help you create the garden you desire without punishment.

A Perfect Reading Nook

For the novelist or reader of novels, a utility shed can be a perfect space to sit and reflect on your favorite works of art. With the kids home from school for the summer, finding a place to decompress and focus can be problematic. Set up a reading chair or an office so that you can get some peace away from the home for a bit. You deserve to hide out once in a while, so find your own private Idaho in a space that is designed for whatever you want to get done!

Not everything is defined by what we choose to call it. A utility shed doesn’t have to be all about utility. It is the perfect way to find some reading time away from the chaos of your home, be inspired to let the inner gardener out, or find your chi away from the bustle of your home. At Portable Buildings by Ravenel, we would love to design your perfect place amongst the summer noise. Contact us today and let’s get started creating a utility shed that you can really use!