Get Out of the Heat: Four Ways to Make Your Shed a New Hangout Place

As we head into spring and summer, we will all be searching for a cool place

As we head into spring and summer, we will all be searching for a cool place to hang out – both figuratively and literally. The good news is that COVID tensions are easing, which means that once again we can all gather without fear. Although the great outdoors served us well over the past three years for social distancing, a shed is a much better venue to entertain when the temperatures outside soar. That is, if you take these four steps to make it a cool hangout den!

Add a Bar

When it comes to partying, it usually takes just one thing, and voila! Ditch the dirt and outdoor equipment and either purchase an inexpensive bar online or build one yourself. Not only do you need a place to throw together a margarita; people need an area to belly up to. It takes very little space to create an intimate concoction-maker, so get on it! Ladies and gentlemen, start your shakers!

Wine, Anyone?

If you are more of a wine connoisseur, consider adding a couple of seats for you and your besties to hang out and share a glass of vino. You can discuss world hunger and how to solve peace around the planet, or you can just laugh about what stupid things you got into during the day. The point is to be away from little ears and enjoy some time reconnecting with adults your own age!

A Place to Work Out

We know, the bar probably sounds better, but what if you combine what you love to do with what you should do? There are all sorts of breweries combining yoga with brew, so why can’t you? Add a simple tap, get some mats, and either put in an air conditioner to cool things down or do it hot and sweaty. The point is to add some yin and yang to really get in the mood, work through some breathing exercises, and release some tension. Easy enough, right?

Be Crafty

Scrapbooking might not be as cool as it used to be, but what is cool is preserving your memories. One day your kids will stop thinking about how dorky it was and how dorky you are and appreciate what you did to commemorate all of their memorable moments. All you need is a work table, some supplies, and you and your besties can get busy gluing, pasting, or whatever it is that you do!

As the hot weather makes its way to Charleston, now is an excellent time to take things indoors. If you are running out of entertaining space, hijack the shed and make it your new cool place to hang out, both in temperature and because you are so cool! Contact Portable Buildings of Ravenel today to design your new place to congregate!