Garage Versus Carport – Which One is Better for Your Needs?

As the red-hot real estate market continues, many in the Charleston area are losing hope and considering the prospects of switching gears

As the red-hot real estate market continues, many in the Charleston area are losing hope and considering the prospects of switching gears. If you are one of the many who are feeling growing pains but are looking for ways to stay put and add on things to make your home more conducive to your needs, you might be trying to decide between a garage and a carport. Let us put your mind at ease by settling the argument about which is better to build: a garage or a carport?

Garages are Expensive

When it comes to price points, it is expensive to build a garage from the ground up. The average two-car garage costs anywhere from $15 to $40k, which is a huge investment. The reality is that just because you are staying put now, that doesn’t mean that when the market settles down a little you won’t be right back to looking for another home. So why invest all the money in building a garage for the new homeowner? Sometimes it is better to go cheaper and see how it works before you 100% invest. You can always list a carport for sale in the classifieds if you do decide to trade up for a garage in the future!

Instant Relief

Again, you might just decide to ride out the storm, making do with your home until the inventory increases and competition decreases. If you purchase a carport, you get instant relief from your growing pains. As we head into the long, hot summer, wouldn’t it be nice to have a place to entertain in the great outdoors? If you build a garage, it will likely not be done until the end of the summer, which won’t help you through your summer party season at all!

Building is About Where Real Estate is at!

If you think that real estate is out of control, just take a look at the building industry in Charleston. Charleston is experiencing one of the biggest housing booms ever recorded in history, which means that you are going to end up low on a builder’s priority list. That will have you hunting for someone to build your garage, waiting for them to squeeze you in, and putting up with construction all summer long. If you buy a carport, none of those things are an issue.

Carports Serve the Purpose

A carport might be all that you need to live in your home comfortably again. They provide enough room for your vehicles and toys, while giving you a little shelter to entertain, get out of the rain, and house all of your landscaping equipment. Sometimes less is more, and if you aren’t completely committed to staying, then don’t commit to all that comes with building a garage.

Are you deciding whether a carport or a garage is a more appropriate choice for your needs? If it is a temporary fix, then don’t go through the expense, the hassle, and the chaos of dealing with building a garage this summer. Get a carport and enjoy the next few months of fun and sun. For more information about carports for sale in the Charleston area, turn to Portable Buildings by Ravenel today!