He Versus She Sheds – Designing for the Sexes

If there is one thing that COVID has taught most adults, it’s that we need a space close to home – or at home – where we can escape and do our own thing. Never before has it been so important to design a space that is just for you! A portable building is an excellent way to find your haven in the chaos

If there is one thing that COVID has taught most adults, it’s that we need a space close to home – or at home – where we can escape and do our own thing. Never before has it been so important to design a space that is just for you! A portable building is an excellent way to find your haven in the chaos. And if you are imaginative enough, you can make your portable building in Charleston a place where you can find your chi! These are just some of the he versus she shed ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

Workout Inspiration

Women and men approach working out in different ways. Most men are looking for the bulk, while most women are looking for the cardio burn. When designing your oasis, consider a portable building in case the gyms shut down again. Even if they don’t, you won’t have to go anywhere to work off some calories and energy. Your gym facility can be sitting a few steps from the house – how’s that for instant motivation to get moving?

Woodworking or Wine?

For most men, the idea of creating something with their own two hands is inspiring; women like creating too, but most of the creation comes from children. If you want to have a space to make some really cool stuff for generations to enjoy, a shed is a perfect space to build your workshop. Don’t worry whether it’s too late at night for power drills and saws; no one will hear you in the back shed unless you want them to!

Man or Woman Cave

Although we often associate caves with men, women need a cave, too! We might engage in different activities in them, but the thought is the same: a space that is all your own. Have your wine and cheese party steps from home so you don’t need a sitter. Men, invite your crew over for poker or to watch football without little feet pitter pattering around. You don’t have to worry about drinking and driving; all you have to do is put one foot in front of another to make your way home!

In-Laws? Sweet!

Okay, so maybe it isn’t a he versus she thing, but it is a “his parents versus your parents” one. Build an in-law suite in the backyard so when they come to visit you all have your own space to escape, hide, eat, whatever you choose to do. The idea is that you can do things without anyone hanging over you or watching. When it comes to great ideas for sheds, what is greater than having your loved ones close by? This way, they’re just not on top of you.

When our customers think about the potential of a portable building in Charleston, they often think with limited creativity and vision. You do so much to help your family out and ask for very little. Why not invest your energy and money into finding the oasis that makes the everyday bearable? He and she can even share if you work together instead of making it a “versus” thing. At Portable Buildings of Ravenel, we are all about customization, innovation, and creativity. Let us make your dream a reality, whether it is a joint one or solo! Contact us today to get the process rolling!

Should You Buy a Used Utility Shed or Go for New?

With the new year upon us, many are starting to clean up and clear out. If you are looking for extra space to house things like landscaping tools or garage overflow, then a shed is a perfect way to hide it somewhere where it is safe. There are many options when it comes to sheds; they come in many different shapes and sizes. You can also buy them new or used. So, how are you to know what you need and which will suit your needs best? These are factors to decide if you should buy utility sheds for sale that are new or used.

When you buy Used

You Won’t get to Customize

Although it is a shed and in the backyard, that doesn’t mean that it is hidden from sight. If you buy used utility sheds for sale, you’ll get it as is. That means that you can’t customize it to suit your home’s style. If you buy new, you can make it look like an addition to your home, not an afterthought. Sometimes it is better to spend a little extra to increase the equity of your home’s value than to buy an eyesore to save a couple of dollars.

You Won’t get a Warranty

When you buy used, you get what you pay for, and in this instance, that means someone else has used it. A good shed is meant to protect your stuff from outdoor elements, but there is no way to guarantee that your used shed doesn’t have some things wrong with it. If you buy new and something goes wrong, you have someone to turn to to make things right. If you buy it from someone else, you are working under the “buyer beware,” which can really sting if things go the wrong way.

You Have to Move it

If you buy a used shed, more times than not you are responsible for both moving and reassembling it in some cases. There is nothing less fun than spending your day, or even your week, moving a shed and then rebuilding it where you want in the backyard. Buying new might cost a little more, but then you have the luxury of someone delivering it and setting it up. That means you have safety knowing that it won’t be damaged in transit and that someone will be putting it together professionally for you.

You Can’t Finance it

Depending on how much you have to spend, when you buy used, it isn’t as if the person will take installments for payment. Purchasing a new shed might cost more, but if you find a company that will finance the total cost, you can pay it off monthly. For many people that means just a little bit, and to get something new over used, it is well worth it to go for fresh and new!

If you are ready to take the plunge and purchase a little extra space by investing in a shed, invest wisely. Sometimes when you try to save pennies, we end up spending dollars. A new shed will come with a guarantee, delivery, installation and sometimes financing, so what are you waiting for? Forget the phrase one man’s junk is another man’s treasure and get a real treasure by purchasing a new shed from Portable Buildings of Ravenel today.

Considerations to Make When Buying a Shed

When you think of an outdoor shed, the first thing that comes to mind is a place to house your landscaping tools. But there are a ton of great uses for sheds if you are creative enough. If you are going to look for sheds for sale, it is important to know what to look for. Of course price is going to be a concern, but you shouldn’t use it as the entire basis for choosing. These are all important considerations to make when you are in the market for a storage shed.

Quality Versus Price

Most of us are guided by the budget we have, but unfortunately, you usually get what you pay for. And for storage sheds that have to put up with the harsh conditions of the great outdoors, going too cheap can be nothing short of a waste of money. It is important to temper quality with price to find the right shed for you. Higher quality sheds will not only last longer; they will keep whatever they house safer. If you go too cheap, you could end up having to replace it long before you would have if you had spent just a little more.

What Design Works Best?

Sheds can be used for all sorts of purposes. When you are looking for sheds for sale, make sure that you keep in mind what it is going to be used for. And also don’t forget about where it is going to be placed. If it is in plain view, then having something aesthetically pleasing will be important. Often, people don’t give enough thought to the design of the shed they purchase, and then have buyer’s remorse when they have to look at it day after day. It is much better to spend a little more than to go cheap and regret it!

Disguising Your Shed

You can find a high quality shed, and it will be nice, but let’s face it, there is nothing fancy about an outdoor building. When you are shopping for a shed, make sure to consider how you can disguise it with landscaping. Since shrubs and greenery can be expensive, it is best to build them into your overall budget. That way, your shed isn’t sticking out like a sore thumb once placed in your backyard.

Siding and Wall Material Choice

When it comes to sheds, there are three main options for materials, plastic, wood, and metal. Wooden sheds almost always have studded walls, like a house, that are covered with plywood siding. Upscale wooden sheds look similar to houses with roofing material and molding. Metal sheds are typically prefabricated and come with a vinyl or painted coat covering both the walls and roof. They are less upscale looking, but typically just as sturdy. When considering, just realize that although wood might look nicer, it requires a whole lot more maintenance than a metal or plastic shed. If you look around long enough, you might find a metal or plastic shed that looks just as nice. And it won’t require so much attention.

Zoning Rules and Regulations

Yes, even sheds require specific building considerations in many municipalities. If you are going to invest in a shed, make sure to check with your local ordinance rules to find one that is code. If you don’t, you could be fined. Or, even worse, you might have to remove your new shed and be out the expense altogether.

Sheds are a great way to house things. And if you get creative, they can really be an asset to your home and property value. But before you look for sheds for sale, think carefully. If you are guided by price alone, you might be disappointed in your purchase. At Ravenel Buildings, we have a vast array of different types and kinds of sheds to choose from, as well as outdoor buildings. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you find a perfect match for your needs.