Portable Storage Sheds or Storage Units – Which is Better for Your Situation?

One of the biggest problems that many homeowners have is finding enough space to house all of their stuff. From landscaping equipment to bikes and toys, finding a place for everything and everything in its place is often difficult to do for a growing family. That is why many consider renting a storage unit to accommodate the overflow. But over time, the rented space can end up costing you more than the contents in it, which is why portable storage sheds are an excellent alternative. So which one is better for your needs? Ask yourself these questions to find the answer.

How Much Do You Want to Spend?

Granted, buying portable storage sheds is an investment up front, which is why some people consider just renting space until they don’t need it anymore. But what most people find is that the things they store in a storage unit are often forgotten about. And by the time you remove the items from the storage unit, you could have probably just bought all new stuff. A portable storage shed is not only a great place to house things; it is a long-term investment that keeps on giving.

How Often Are You Going to Need Your Stuff?

If you are housing your valuables off-site at a storage facility, it can be a real hassle to go and get them every time you use them. This means most people make do without the item until a time that they have space for it. While it sits idle, you are paying for something that you will probably not use. Also, by the time you get it, it will be outdated and will need upgrading. More times than not, storage units are just a place to put things when you want to forget about them altogether.

How Much Room Do You Have?

One limitation that might make a storage unit a must is if you don’t have the space for a portable shed. You do need to have enough of a backyard to build a portable storage unit or be able to accommodate one that is large enough to put your valuables in. There is no sense in investing in a shed that you won’t ever use because it simply isn’t big enough. That is an even bigger waste of money than renting a storage unit!

Does Your House Allow It?

Some communities and neighborhoods have restrictions about what type of storage shed you can build based on codes and regulations. If you are limited on what type of shed you can have, that doesn’t mean that you should necessarily go with the storage unit. It just means that you might have to be a little more creative with its appearance and how you design it.

If you are tired of not having enough storage space at your home, then you might be considering whether you should invest in portable storage sheds or pay to rent a storage unit. The biggest advantage to a portable storage shed is that you have all you need on your property without having to go anywhere. Although it’s an investment up front, it is yours for the long-term. To discuss how we can accommodate your need for a storage shed, contact Ravenel Buildings today!