Is Wood or Metal A Better Choice for Your Garage?

Due to the tepid conditions of the South Carolina region, a garage is not always a must for your vehicle, but there is no denying that adding one is a great way to build equity for your home.

Due to the tepid conditions of the South Carolina region, a garage is not always a must for your vehicle, but there is no denying that adding one is a great way to build equity for your home. According to statistics, the rate of return on adding a garage is somewhere around 65%, which is one of the highest ROIs for home improvements around the nation. There are both advantages and disadvantages to metal garages, which means sometimes it can be hard to know whether metal garage buildings are the way to go. Read this to make an informed choice.

Cost Comparison

When comparing metal garage buildings to wood construction ones, a metal garage is much less expensive than a wood one. Although costs from one area to another might vary, on average, a wood-constructed garage is far more expensive, sometimes three to four times more. Since metal buildings are also easier and faster to construct, you save more money when you choose them. Metal buildings are pre-cut so you don’t have the installation time of cutting and nailing pieces together.

Metal Garages are More Durable and Resistant to Weather

Both metal and wood garages will be affected by outdoor elements, but metal-constructed buildings tend to hold up better. Wood garages are susceptible to things like termites and other pest issues that can feed on and damage the integrity of their structural foundation. Wood buildings also require frequent painting, while metal buildings do not.

Metal Roofs Add Additional Fire Protection

Since metal buildings have metal roofs, they also don’t have issues with roofing shingles, can better withstand harsh outdoor conditions, and are mold- and mildew-resistant. Metal garages hold up better during storms because they are impervious to rain, lightning, and fire. Wood can catch fire. The International Building Code considers metal buildings to be non-combustible.

Customizable Options

Wood offers a variety of options for style and color and is often thought of as a more versatile material, but new metal building options provide owners with several colors, shapes, sizes, and facades. Just like wood, they also come in different sizes like two- and three-car. Where once wood material was the preferred building choice due to its upgraded look, newer metal options are offering the same versatility at a lower price point and without sacrifice.

For homeowners looking to add some space to house their vehicles and other toys, a garage is a great way to build equity. When compared side-by-side, both metal buildings and wood options have their advantages and disadvantages. The right choice for you depends on your budget and overall preference. Metal buildings come at a lower cost, sometimes a fraction of wood, and are available in a variety of options. At Portable Buildings of Ravenel, we are committed to offering the highest-quality exterior buildings in the industry. Whether you are looking to build a wooden or metal garage, we have several choices for you to look through.

The Quality of Your Carport Matters – Four Things to Look for

As we roll into 2022, many will commit to cleaning things up for the new year. If you have been considering the benefits of building a carport, this may be the year to pull the trigger.

As we roll into 2022, many will commit to cleaning things up for the new year. If you have been considering the benefits of building a carport, this may be the year to pull the trigger. A carport is an excellent place for additional storage, entertaining space, or to protect your toys and vehicles. But not all carport builders are the same. Don’t just Google “carports near me” and choose – here are four things to look for!

Materials Used

Carports can be constructed from many materials, depending on the style of your home and your needs. The quality of the materials you choose will affect the overall finished product. Before you hire a company to build a carport, look at all the options you have available to find the one that suits your needs best.


When you hire someone for a service, it is always a good idea to know what their guarantee involves. Sometimes carport dealers will guarantee the materials only; sometimes they will include craftsmanship. If you need a contractor to build it from scratch, it is good to know what they will and won’t cover if something happens. If a company can’t tell you what their guarantee is or whether they offer a warranty, you better just assume they don’t and move along to find someone else.


Depending on where you live, there may be rules and regulations about building. If you hire a company that doesn’t pull a permit, then you might be opening yourself up to fines and liability. Some contractors will avoid pulling a permit to cut costs, but that is never a good idea. Not only do you want to ensure that someone is overseeing the work to guarantee that it is done correctly; you don’t want to end up getting into trouble once the contractor is gone. The cost to clean things up falls on you!


Sometimes it can seem like you are getting a great deal – until you look into the entire picture more thoroughly. When constructing a carport, the materials have to be delivered. If you aren’t sure if a company is paying for the delivery, then that can be a huge expense that you didn’t consider. Make sure to look over your quote or contract to fully understand what a company will and won’t cover financially. Otherwise, what at first looked like a great deal can be a really bad deal!

If you resolved to start 2022 by investing in cleaning things up around the house, then a carport might be the ticket to getting organized and having the additional space for storage. But don’t just Google “carports near me” and choose. The quality of the contractor you choose will significantly affect the finished product, so choose wisely and do the legwork to make sure you are getting the best. Contact Portable Buildings of Ravenel to discuss your carport build today!

Metal or Wood Carport? The Advantages and Disadvantages to Both

Carports are an excellent way to keep your vehicles and toys safe from inclement weather without building a garage. They can be constructed out of either metal or wood, depending on the preference of the homeowner. When it comes to comparing the two, however, metal carports offer everything that wood carports do – and a whole lot more. These are the advantages of choosing metal carports Charleston, SC construction over wooden ones.


The durability of metal carports far exceeds wood. Carports made from metal are constructed with galvanized steel that can stand up under high winds and extreme weather conditions. Wood carports are more likely to collapse when put under extreme stress, and because they are flammable, fire is also a concern of wood versus metal construction. Metal carports are also impervious to pests like termites, which are common in the South Carolina region. And they won’t rot or warp. Although some homeowners worry about rust with a metal carport, the finish on galvanized steel carports resists corrosion and is typically guaranteed for a minimum of 20 or more years.


The cost of building a metal carport pales in comparison to a wood carport. It is cheaper from the start because there is less waste when building. Metal carports come prefabricated, so there is no waste. And the small amount that is left over after construction can be recycled, which is a win-win situation for everyone.


Wood carports require staining or painting every season to keep the wood from rotting. That is a lot of maintenance when you compare it to metal. Also, over time, wood carport shingles will need to be repaired or replaced. A metal carport does not require maintenance, and it will hardly ever need to be repaired or have any parts replaced.

Time Considerations and Assembly

Metal carports are pre-assembled so they are ready to be put together upon delivery. They are precisely pre-cut, so all you have to do is piece them together. Most metal carports can be put together in just a couple of hours, whereas wood carports can require the labor of many days to cut and piece together. Unlike wood carports, metal carports need nothing more than a few nuts and bolts to construct, and they also don’t require an extensive skill level if you plan on doing it yourself.

When you compare metal carports to wood carports, metal wins as being the less expensive, less labor-intensive product, and it needs less maintenance. The one place where metal carports don’t always win is in aesthetics. However, metal carports are just a better fit to withstand the high winds and tumultuous storms of the South Carolina Coast! If you are interested in a metal carport, Ravenel Buildings has a wide variety of sizes and styles to choose from. We are the leading metal carports Charleston, SC builders in the industry. Contact us today to discuss how we can get your car under wraps in no time.

Unique and Creative Uses for Metal Storage Buildings

When you think of metal storage buildings, you probably think of landscape equipment, bikes, and tools. But today’s metal storage buildings aren’t just for storage anymore. There are many other things that a storage building can house. If you are looking for a little extra space to entertain, spread out, or to call yours, these are some unique and creative uses for metal storage buildings that you might not have thought of.

Tiny Home

The newest rage around the country is tiny homes. Have you always wanted a hunting shed out in the wild? Find a little piece of the wilderness to call yours, and use a metal storage building as your hunting lodge. You and the guys don’t need much but a place to share stories, drink beer and sleep. A metal storage shed is all you need to have a home away from home. It provides just enough room and shelter that it is an upgrade from sleeping under the stars.

Looking for a Workout Space?

If you always wanted a workout room in your home, but can’t find the space, then a metal storage building is ideal. Invest in some weights, an elliptical machine, and a treadmill and you have your own personal gym. The best part is that you can escape the kids and house, but you don’t need to go any further than your backyard. And you also don't have to listen to anyone else’s “club music;” it is a gym all your own!

Crafting or Woodworking Space?

If you have always wanted a separate space for your hobbies or crafts, a metal building is a perfect getaway. Whether it is for business or pleasure, you can design a building with all that you need to make your art come alive. And since they can be both heated and cooled, you don't have to wait for the heat to surpass, or the cold to turn to warm, to get outside and engage in what you love most.

A Tiny Petting Zoo

Some farm pets are okay being outdoors, but eventually, they will need shelter. If you have always wanted a farm, but don’t have the room or a barn to house them, don’t bother building one. A metal building is a perfect place to keep your little fur babies warm and cozy whether it is too cold or too hot for them to be outdoors. Create little pens for different types of animals and enjoy your micro-farm!

Pool Room – Man/Woman Cave

Looking for a way to get away from the kids to entertain, but don’t want to hire a sitter? A metal storage building is a great place to keep a pool table, a large screen television, or a wet bar for entertaining. You won’t have to spend money on a sitter and dinner; have the crew at your house and just be right outside.

When you think of metal storage buildings, what comes to mind is usually tools and equipment housing. But they are an excellent way to find your space outside your house, while close enough to be home. Since they are fully customizable, build one to suit your needs just the way you want.

Contact Ravenel Buildings today to discuss how we can get creative and build exactly what you want, together.