Garage or Carport – Which One Makes More Cents?

If you are outgrowing your available storage space, a carport or a garage is a great way to add space while increasing your home’s equity.

If you are outgrowing your available storage space, a carport or a garage is a great way to add space while increasing your home’s equity. But there are a lot of differences between building a carport and a garage. The main one is size and investment. Consulting with a carports in Charleston, SC company, like Portable Buildings of Ravenel, is a perfect way to see all the wonderful things you can do with a carport, for a fraction of the cost. Here are some of the pros and cons of choosing one over the other.

Garages are Expensive

A garage is an entirely separate building and needs to have all sorts of expensive structural things. The average cost to build a garage is anywhere from $17-$22/sqft, which is a pretty big investment. When you compare that to the average cost of building a carport – about $9-$12/sqft – it is hard to justify not just going with a carport!

Losing “Green” Space

A garage requires a lot of “space” to build. Whether detached or attached, the average garage is about 240-900/sqft. If you already have limited green space to enjoy the great outdoors, are you sure you are willing to give it up for a garage? A carport can be built to be any size you want. And it is also open-aired; this means you can still enjoy entertaining under the canopy because you aren’t sacrificing outdoor enjoyment!

What Are Your Needs?

If you need something to house your vehicles to shelter them from storms or you are looking for something to park under to shelter you from the weather, then a carport is a fantastic choice. It provides a roof to keep your vehicles safe from the outdoor elements, but it isn’t a fixed space that you need to be confined to. A garage is a better choice if you are looking for additional storage and more climate control, but if all you want is a place to store your “toys,” a carport may be a smarter investment.

More Storage Space?

Speaking of storage space, if you are looking to house your vehicles as well as your “things,” then a garage might be a better investment. A garage is built large enough to pull your car into, but it also has enough room on the sides to store things that might not fit in closets for basements. If you are looking for additional room, then a carport might not cut it. But you might want to consider a carport with a storage shed. The two together will still only cost about $16/sqft, which is considerably less, so make sure to consider all of your options.

If you are looking to add some space to house your things or just want to keep your vehicle and toys under wraps, then you have a choice between building a garage or a carport. A carport is an economical way to house your cars, and if it doesn’t provide enough space, you can always add a shed – and still spend way less money and jump through fewer hurdles. At Portable Buildings of Ravenel, we have the largest selection of carports and sheds in the industry. Check out our website to see what’s on the menu today!