Add Equity in 2023 by Building a Carport

As we head into the new year, many will resolve to accumulate wealth in the coming year. Over the past several years, many have seen an increase in their home values

As we head into a new year with the cost of living soaring, many will be looking for ways to cut costs. If you have a storage unit that you continue to pay on, then it might be time for you to consider the potential of looking into outdoor sheds as a substitute. There are many advantages to investing in an outdoor shed, with one of them being nixing the monthly installment into a storage unit that you’ll have nothing to show for. These are just some of the reasons to ditch your storage for an outdoor shed.

Equity Building

When you pay for a storage unit to house your things, you are just renting a space. When you consider that many people pay for years on storage units and have nothing to show for the rental cost, it is like throwing money out the window. When you buy an outdoor shed, you are adding equity to your property and home. So, if you ever sell your home, you will recoup your investment. Also, if you ever choose to sell the shed, you will have something to show for your purchase!

You Probably Could Have Paid for Everything You’re Storing

Most of us are creatures of habit who just keep on keeping on because it is easier than stopping to look around. Many people who have storage units house things that they forget about and pay monthly not really thinking logically. If you have family heirlooms, that is one thing, but most likely you are paying for items that you stored a while ago and could have paid ten times over. A storage shed will force you to reevaluate what you are paying to store and whether it is a wise investment or not.

No More Going Back and Forth

Likely whatever you have in storage, you look at very infrequently and use even less so. It is a pain in the rear to go to the storage unit, drive through the gate, find yours and then take out what you are looking for. When you are. Done with it, you have to go through the same process, which probably means that you don’t use it as much as you should have, or really get to enjoy what you are storing. When you buy an outdoor shed and it is on-premises, you can use it, look at it, and enjoy it any time that you want!

Resolve to Fix it Up

Many people store things that they want to restore or fix up but just don’t have the time. If you get an outdoor shed and bring your items closer to home, then you can resolve this year to make it the one where you finally bite the bullet and start your renovation project. If you leave it sitting in storage, it will never get done. We tend to take care of things that are in our faces, rather than far removed from our to-do list.

As we head into the new year, many will resolve to find ways to save money for the long year ahead. If you have a storage unit that you are paying on, it might be wiser to consider outdoor sheds. They are an investment that you can recoup whether you sell it at some point or you sell the property that it sits on. Contact us today to see a full list of the many styles, sizes, and builds that you can choose from and start your new year off right!

Reasons to Treat Yourself to a Carport for the Holidays

As we head into the holiday season, a lot of us will spend a ton of time shopping around to find the perfect gift for the special someones on our list,

As we head into the holiday season, a lot of us will spend a ton of time shopping around to find the perfect gift for the special someones on our list, but how many of us think about treating ourselves? You do so much throughout the year for everyone else, so why not add something to your life that will make things much easier? These are just four reasons that this should be the year to look for carports for sale and choose the one that makes you happy.

Add Extra Space

Tired of trying to cram everything into a very limited space? A carport not only keeps your vehicles safe from the elements, it also doubles as a great place to put your landscaping and yard tools out of the rain. A carport serves many functions, but chief among them is just to organize and be an area for storing all of your “stuff.” If organization is on your resolution list, then the additional space will make it much easier to follow through!

Entertainment in the Great Outdoors

Thank goodness the pandemic is behind us and we are allowed to return from social distancing to socialization. One of the best things about living in South Carolina is that you can enjoy the great outdoors all year long. The only drawback is that the summer sun is a lot to take during the hot months. If you buy a carport, it can double as a space for an outdoor gathering. Make 2023 the return to having parties every weekend and enjoying being with people you’ve missed!

Reduce Wear and Tear on Your Vehicles and Toys

The summers are brutally hot and you know what they do to you when you stand in the sun, so imagine what they do to your vehicles and toys. A carport will protect them during intense heat and during storms from flying branches and debris. Your vehicles are a big investment, so make it a point to keep them better maintained in the New Year.

Stop Running Through Raindrops

No one likes to move the grocery bags from their car indoors, but it’s especially miserable when you have to dodge the rain with soggy bags. Don’t spend another day running from your car to your door and back again to empty things. Drive right in, be sheltered, and take your time getting the groceries indoors. A carport is like buying shelter from the storm.

With the holidays soon approaching, now is an excellent time to consider treating yourself to a carport. Carports can serve many functions and can really make your life easier and more comfortable. You do so much for everyone else, so now is a great time to treat yourself by looking for carports for sale. We have a variety of options, materials, and brands to choose from. Not only will we deliver a carport; we will make the process seamless. Check out our website to see what we have to offer or contact us today!

How to Choose the Right Carport for Your Needs

For many homeowners in the South Carolina area, building a carport is just as useful and less expensive than a garage. Carports are an excellent way to find additional storage, or even to add some entertainment space. But with so many options to choose from, what types of things do you want to look for when choosing a carport for your needs? If you are going to invest, make sure you think of all factors before you decide.

Considerations for Choosing the Right Carport

Do you Want to go to a Big Box Store or a Specialized Company?

Many people often think that doing it yourself is a less expensive and easier way to go. When it comes to carports, that is often not the case. Simply purchasing a carport is only half of the battle. A professional company that specializes in outdoor buildings can help you with the intricacies of building codes and permits. And they can also help you design a carport that will fit all of your needs. And since preparation is an important part of building a carport, they will be able guide you about what needs to be done before building it even begins.

Designing Your Carport

Carports come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials. The most common materials are brick, steel, and timber. When looking for a lightweight option, aluminum might be a great choice. To figure out which design works best for you, you have to first consider whether you want a stand alone carport, or if you want it built into the house. Since it will be a huge part of the aesthetics of your home, taking care to ensure that it will match the style of your house is very important to maintain curbside appeal.


For most homeowners, cost is going to be a major determinant about which carport they choose. But if you buy cheap to save money, you could end up with buyer’s remorse. A carport is something that is an investment, and you want it to last. So you have to temper quality with price to find a happy medium. Otherwise, you could end up having to replace it sooner than you hoped, which will end up costing a whole lot more.

Weather Conditions

The weather can greatly affect the integrity of your outdoor buildings. Before you decide which type of carport to invest in, consider the climate that it will have to withstand. Again, it might cost more to go with a higher quality carport that can withstand South Carolina’s heat and humidity, but in the long run, it is a much better investment to spend enough instead of too little.

Choosing Who to Buy it From

If you want your carport to last and look good, then it is important to buy it from a reputable building expert. Find a company that has been around for long enough to know their products’ ins and outs. Also, find a company that will stand behind their buildings and help guide you through the process of building a carport from start to finish.

A carport can make a great substitute for a garage to house your vehicles, tools, or even for additional entertaining space. If you are going to invest in one, however, it is best to think long and hard and not go by price alone. Finding a happy-medium between the quality and the cost will ensure that you get what you pay for, in a good way. Contact Ravenel Buildings today to help design your carport. We’ll be there from start to finish.