Things to Look for When Searching for Carports for Sale

A carport is a luxury upgrade that doesn’t cost as much and isn’t nearly as much of a headache as building a garage

A carport is a luxury upgrade that doesn’t cost as much and isn’t nearly as much of a headache as building a garage. They help to keep your vehicles sheltered, house your lawn equipment, and sometimes can even double as entertainment space to hide from the heat. But not all carports for sale companies are the same. Before you choose, make sure to look for these factors!


In the service and product industry, nothing speaks as loud as your reputation. Where once all you really had to go by was word of mouth, the internet has made reading reviews and ratings super easy. Before you check out carports for sale, make sure to go the extra mile to read what their previous customers have to say. When they have a pleasant exchange, they are often willing to share – and if it was unpleasant, they will sometimes want to give others a heads up!


Almost all of us are somewhat guided by the price of a carport, but you should not base your decision on cost alone. In the world of carports, you get what you pay for. Cheap is not something that will get you what you want! At Portable Buildings by Ravenel, we offer cost-competitive prices, but we are not cheap. Often, cheap means that you have to sacrifice – and you don’t want to find out the hard way what that means after buying!


Carports sometimes require things like permits and municipality rules, which is why finding someone who is knowledgeable in your area is so critical. Not following the rules can lead to holding up your carport project – or worse, costly fines that will likely befall you after the carport company is out of the picture. Make sure that you are fully up to code to avoid any hassles and expenses down the road.


Sometimes a carport appears to be a great deal – until it isn’t anymore. When companies don’t include delivery in their estimate, you can get sticker shock when it is finally added. As the cost of fuel increases, so does the cost of delivery. Before you assume that the estimated cost is the total without any additional fees like delivery, don’t assume that it is! We never add on any up-charges or unpleasant surprises: our estimate is our word.

If you are in the market for a carport, you might be simply Googling “carports for sale,” which is not enough. Make sure to consider several factors before deciding which company to buy your carport from. At Portable Buildings by Ravenel, we have the reputation, cost-competitive pricing, and honesty you need for your carport build or purchase to go smoothly. Contact us today to get started!