Four Great Ideas for Your Backyard Shed

Do you ever feel like you are on an episode of the show Hoarder? It is easy to accumulate things around the house especially if you have limited space. Backyard sheds are not only a great place to put all those things that can’t find a home in your home, when designed with a purpose in mind, they can be a great place to find you. These are just four ideas to make a backyard shed someplace where you can find a hobby, your inner chi, or just a place to escape the everyday!

House Your Outdoor Equipment

If you are finding that your garage is becoming so overrun by outdoor equipment for landscaping it is time to find a better solution. A backyard shed is a perfect hideout for all things landscaping including the lawnmower, the trimmer, and just about every other tool you need. Stop trying to cram everything in where it doesn’t belong and then spending all day trying to find what you need. Backyard sheds are an excellent place to allocate for your landscaping tools.

Make a Man Cave

We all know what it is like to need your own little space to get away and think for a while. A backyard shed is a perfect place to carve out a little place for just you. Set it up so that you can get some office work done, woodworking, or any other hobbies that you enjoy. They are built and constructed so well that they can be used year round as a great place to clear your head!

A Perfect Location for Your Workout Room

If you don’t have any place for your weights and other workout equipment, a backyard shed is an excellent place for it all. You can design them exactly how you want, placing doors, windows, and shelves to make it great place to burn off those extra calories. Stop trying to navigate it all in the garage where there is no space and put your health first and foremost by creating your own little studio!

Restore and House That Muscle Car You’ve Always Wanted!

Backyard sheds make an excellent place to both restore and to house your vehicles. Don’t spend the time putting your heart into restoration and then letting it sit outside year round. If you’ve ever thought that restoring an old Firebird or Muscle car would be fun, what are you waiting for? A backyard shed designed just right can make a great place for you to do what you’ve always wanted and bring an old car back to life!

Although people often think of backyard sheds as a place to put tools and other things you don’t have a space for, they can also make a great place to escape and do the things you’ve dreamed of but never had a place for. At Ravenel Buildings, we can design the backyard shed of your dreams. With a little customization and creativity, you can have an entire building that is a perfect getaway from the everyday. Contact us today to discuss your next project!

10×20 Garden Shed

10×20 Garden Shed

Leader in storage buildings in Charleston SC

Dimensions: 10×20

Description: Features: Brown metal roof, 72″ double wood doors, 2×3 window, radiant barrier upgrade, Navajo White painted exterior with White trim, 8′ walls framed 16″ OC,  7-year warranty included, 150 MPH Wind Rated

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8×12 Lofted Barn

8×12 Lofted Barn

Leader in storage buildings Charleston SC

Dimensions: 8×12 

Description: Features Brown metal roof, 48″ wood door,4′ storage loft, 16″ OC walls & studs, radiant barrier upgrade, Standard Stained Exterior, 7-year warranty. Anchored with 150 MPH Wind rating!

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16×24 Side Porch Cabin urethane

16×24 Side Porch Cabin

Leader in cabins and storage buildings Charleston SC

Dimensions: 16×24

Description: SOLD!! But, we can order one for you at no extra cost!! 

Features Brown metal roof, 9-lite entry door, (4) 2×3 windows, radiant barrier upgrade,  24′ covered porch, 16″ OC walls & studs, Rustic Cedar urethane exterior, 7-year warranty

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