Get Organized Before the Spring Landscaping Needs to be Done!

Although winter is still in full swing, spring is right around the corner. And in the South what that means soon it will be time for landscaping, landscaping, landscaping. Don’t spend another spring season spending more time looking for tools than you do using them. This year, build a backyard shed and get organized before the warm weather rushes in. That way, you will be good to go when you need to get out there and get things done. These are just some of the benefits of backyard sheds.

Keep Everything Together

Nothing can waste time more than continually having to look for your tools. Landscaping is a chore that not many of us like. And if you don’t want to waste your entire weekend doing it, then having all your tools in the same place and ready to go is key. A backyard shed is a perfect way to keep everything you need in one place. Then, when you get the motivation to tackle the great outdoors, you will know where everything is!

It is a Space Saver

Tired of your lawnmower, seed spreader, and landscaping tools occupying much-needed room in your garage? Stop piling stuff on top of one another and branch out. A backyard shed is a perfect way to add more storage space to your home so that you can use the garage for more important things, like your car perhaps?

Stop cramming everything in one place that doesn’t fit and opt instead to invest in a place to keep those things that you use outdoors, outdoor.

They are Economical

If you are looking for a little extra storage, you can’t beat the price of a backyard shed. They are the best investment to make for very little actual investment. You aren’t beholden to use them just for your landscaping tools. They can just as easily house your workout equipment, your man tools, or even to be extra space to find your own escape. A backyard shed costs very little but can add a whole lot to your life.

Extend the Lifespan of Your Landscaping Equipment

If you don’t have room for your landscaping tools, then you have probably been keeping them outdoors. And with all the humidity and precipitation that we have in South Carolina, that can wreak havoc on them and shorten their lifespan. A backyard shed will protect all of your expensive equipment from outdoor elements, which means that it will pay for itself in the long run!

Spring might be a ways away, but it will be here before you know it. If this is the year you have resolved to organize your life, then a backyard shed is an excellent place to start. For very little cost, you can house your tools, have more space in your garage for other things, and have everything right where you need it, when you need it. At Ravenel Buildings, we have a vast number of options for your portable storage needs. Contact us today to discuss how we can help get your new year off to a good start.

Metal Sheds: Are Metal Storage Buildings in Charleston SC Good for Extra Storage?

Although we don’t like to admit it, we live in a consumer-based society, where acquiring more and more “things,” is the norm. The problem is that as you get older, it becomes more difficult to find places to store all of your treasures. Whether you live in a cold-weather region, or a warm one, like South Carolina, putting things outside year-round simply isn’t an option. That leaves us all piling things up, keeping our cars out of the garage due to lack of space, or letting expensive equipment and belongings perish needlessly due to lack of care.

If you are tired of moving your things from one place to the next or being displaced because you have too much stuff, a metal storage building might be the answer to your overflow problem. A metal shed is a perfect place to store all of your residential, commercial, agricultural, or even your personal items. And they are also an excellent way to organize, declutter, and keep your valuables safe from harm.

Metal Storage Buildings in Charleston SC are Highly Affordable

One of the main advantages that a metal storage shed has over other types like wood and plastic, is that they cost less. Over time, the small cost it takes to have a metal shed placed on your property will pay for itself in keeping your equipment rust and theft-free. A metal shed is also much more durable than either wood or plastic. Plastic tends to fade and crack, especially in the extreme heat of the South Carolina summers. And wood tends to rot in the humid and wet conditions we experience.

Metal sheds are rust-resistant, and they have a longer lifespan than wood and plastic. If properly constructed and anchored safely, a metal shed can withstand high winds, hail, or even hurricane-type conditions, which makes them an ideal choice for those living in Charleston, SC and surrounding areas.

You Can Customize Your Metal Shed

Metal sheds can come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. So it is possible for you to choose a size that is enough for whatever you need to store at a price you can afford. The larger the building, the greater the cost. But it makes more sense to protect your valuables for the long-term by investing in a metal shed that will keep them secure.

If you are worried about the aesthetics of a metal shed and how it will match your existing home or property, rest assured you can customize it to fit right in. You can also build options like garage doors to house your bigger vehicles and equipment. And if the building is substantial enough, then adding things like gutters and downspouts are recommended to keep the area around the foundation from eroding.

Much More Cost-Effective Than Off-Site Storage

If you have ever rented an off-site storage unit, what you probably found was that most of the things you paid to store, you didn’t need. And since it is off-site, getting to what you do need becomes a time-consuming hassle. Also, all the money you spend storing your things isn’t an investment; it is like throwing your money out the window. If you invest in a metal shed, you are going to add value and equity to your home.

So it doesn’t make sense to rent a space somewhere that isn’t convenient, pay the high storage fees, and risk missing a payment or two and losing your valuables when you can put up a metal shed that is all yours. A metal shed is a better option because it is right on-site and an investment into your home's equity. Contact Ravenel Buildings today to discuss how we can design the right metal shed to suit your needs.

Give Your Spouse the Gift of Shelter for the Holidays With a Metal Carport

Can you even believe that the holidays are already here? If you have someone special on your holiday list who already has everything, then maybe this is the year to provide them with a little extra shelter. Although not very easy to gift wrap, a carport is an amazing way to say “I love you”. Why is it such a thoughtful gift? Because it says, “I care” in so many ways. These are just some of the reasons why metal carports are a perfect gift for the holidays.

They Say “I got you Covered Baby”

How many times have you seen your wife lugging groceries in the rain or running to her car on a rainy morning? The best way to show that you really considered her this holiday season is to care enough to want to shelter her all year long. Sure, it doesn’t seem like a very charming holiday gift, but trust me, she would rather be rain-free than to have another set of earrings that she wears once a year on special occasions.

They Are the Gift That Keeps Giving

Although it isn’t really a gift that you can put under the Christmas tree, every time that your spouse walks out to the car, they will remember how much kindness you put into your gift this year. A carport can serve so many different purposes that it is like a thousand gifts in one. And it will be a constant reminder of how much you care for your those you love.

They are a Present and Equity in one

Not only are metal carports an excellent gift for your spouse, they are also a long term investment for the equity of your home. Unlike other gifts that depreciate the minute you give them, metal carports are there for the long-term, and only help to increase the value of your home! They add extra space, provide a place to hide, and serve as a great area to entertain. How many gifts add that much value?

They Make an Excellent Place for Him

Carports aren’t just for cars; they provide shelter for all things outdoors! If you have a guy in your life who wants to restore a car or have a workshop, a metal carport is like giving him extra space for his mancave. What better gift is there to give him than a place that is all his own. It can be an area where he can escape, enjoy his favorite hobby, or just find some solace to shake off his hard day!

Although it isn’t a likely gift, metal carports might be the perfect way to say “I love you” to your spouse this Christmas. Metal carports are a gift that keeps giving all year long. And although it might not appear very romantic, providing shelter from the storm is what every spouse dreams of! Contact Ravenel Buildings to discuss the best holiday gift ever!

10×16 Side Lofted Barn

Features Black metal roof, 72″ double wood doors, (1) 2×3 window, radiant barrier upgrade, 8′ walls, 16″ OC walls & studs, standard stained exterior, 7-year warranty, 150 MPH wind rated

10×16 Side Lofted Barn

Leader in storage buildings Charleston SC

Dimensions: 10×16

Description: SOLD!! Features Galvalume metal roof, 72″ double wood doors, (2) 2×3 windows, two 4' storage lofts,  16″ OC walls & studs,  standard stained siding, 7-year workmanship warranty, 150 MPH wind rated. Includes delivery, set-up and ground anchoring!! 

For the best selection of Lofted Storage Sheds in Charleston SC, call us to inquire or come by and see us!