Get Out of the Heat: Four Ways to Make Your Shed a New Hangout Place

As we head into spring and summer, we will all be searching for a cool place

As we head into spring and summer, we will all be searching for a cool place to hang out – both figuratively and literally. The good news is that COVID tensions are easing, which means that once again we can all gather without fear. Although the great outdoors served us well over the past three years for social distancing, a shed is a much better venue to entertain when the temperatures outside soar. That is, if you take these four steps to make it a cool hangout den!

Add a Bar

When it comes to partying, it usually takes just one thing, and voila! Ditch the dirt and outdoor equipment and either purchase an inexpensive bar online or build one yourself. Not only do you need a place to throw together a margarita; people need an area to belly up to. It takes very little space to create an intimate concoction-maker, so get on it! Ladies and gentlemen, start your shakers!

Wine, Anyone?

If you are more of a wine connoisseur, consider adding a couple of seats for you and your besties to hang out and share a glass of vino. You can discuss world hunger and how to solve peace around the planet, or you can just laugh about what stupid things you got into during the day. The point is to be away from little ears and enjoy some time reconnecting with adults your own age!

A Place to Work Out

We know, the bar probably sounds better, but what if you combine what you love to do with what you should do? There are all sorts of breweries combining yoga with brew, so why can’t you? Add a simple tap, get some mats, and either put in an air conditioner to cool things down or do it hot and sweaty. The point is to add some yin and yang to really get in the mood, work through some breathing exercises, and release some tension. Easy enough, right?

Be Crafty

Scrapbooking might not be as cool as it used to be, but what is cool is preserving your memories. One day your kids will stop thinking about how dorky it was and how dorky you are and appreciate what you did to commemorate all of their memorable moments. All you need is a work table, some supplies, and you and your besties can get busy gluing, pasting, or whatever it is that you do!

As the hot weather makes its way to Charleston, now is an excellent time to take things indoors. If you are running out of entertaining space, hijack the shed and make it your new cool place to hang out, both in temperature and because you are so cool! Contact Portable Buildings of Ravenel today to design your new place to congregate!

Five Ways to Spruce Up Your Storage Shed for Spring

Just because it is called a shed doesn’t mean that you don’t want it to be pretty

Just because it is called a shed doesn’t mean that you don’t want it to be pretty. Your garden shed likely sits in clear view of your home or patio, and although it is there to house your landscape equipment and things that might not be fun to look at, you want the shed itself to be attractive. Here are five ways to spruce up your portable storage shed to make it more appealing in your great outdoors.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

Storage sheds often come in neutral and bland colors. If you have a more whimsical backyard, get a little crazy with the paint. Adding a splash of color that mimics the beautiful flowers of your landscaping is a great way to camouflage the fact that it serves a utilitarian function. Go a little crazy and enjoy doing something out of the ordinary!

Add Flower Boxes

If you want to cheer up the front of your storage shed, you can add window boxes to plant colorful flowers. Even if you don’t technically have windows, that doesn’t mean you can put faux ones on. Flower boxes are great year-round for color in the spring and Christmas lights in the winter. You can really do it up all year long with Halloween colors, St. Patty’s Day green, and Valentine’s Day red. Make it your holiday decor shed!

Landscape Around it

Instead of having just a plain old shed, why not adorn it with landscaping shrubbery and perennials that bloom all year long. If you strategically place flower beds, you will pretty much hide the shed altogether. When you’re planning your flower beds, choose landscaping materials so that something is growing and in bloom throughout the year, and consider things like differing heights to add a little texture and keep things interesting.

Hanging Lights

Sometimes you want to highlight the shed instead of distracting from it. If you use your shed for more than just garden equipment, then add some hanging lights and make it a new “hangout” place. Adding LED lights and some front porch furniture will create an entirely new entertaining space for guests. And why not convert the interior of your shed so that it has a refrigerator full of spirits and a microwave to heat appetizers? You can turn your garden shed into a tiki bar for the summer months.

Privacy Screen

If you want to make your shed all but disappear, consider putting up some privacy screens with flowering vines. Also, you can add some vintage weathered signs over the privacy fence to make it more like a hanging wall of art. The key is to distract – but since it still has to be there, make it interesting on the outside.

Sheds are a great way to house things that you don’t want to see, but that doesn’t mean that you necessarily want them to be ugly. These are just five ways that you can spruce up your shed, make it a new entertaining space, or brighten it up with a new whimsical feel. At Portable Buildings of Ravenel, we offer a variety of portable sheds to suit your needs and we are all about custom, so let us help make your backyard beautiful with one of our buildings!

Is Wood or Metal A Better Choice for Your Garage?

Due to the tepid conditions of the South Carolina region, a garage is not always a must for your vehicle, but there is no denying that adding one is a great way to build equity for your home.

Due to the tepid conditions of the South Carolina region, a garage is not always a must for your vehicle, but there is no denying that adding one is a great way to build equity for your home. According to statistics, the rate of return on adding a garage is somewhere around 65%, which is one of the highest ROIs for home improvements around the nation. There are both advantages and disadvantages to metal garages, which means sometimes it can be hard to know whether metal garage buildings are the way to go. Read this to make an informed choice.

Cost Comparison

When comparing metal garage buildings to wood construction ones, a metal garage is much less expensive than a wood one. Although costs from one area to another might vary, on average, a wood-constructed garage is far more expensive, sometimes three to four times more. Since metal buildings are also easier and faster to construct, you save more money when you choose them. Metal buildings are pre-cut so you don’t have the installation time of cutting and nailing pieces together.

Metal Garages are More Durable and Resistant to Weather

Both metal and wood garages will be affected by outdoor elements, but metal-constructed buildings tend to hold up better. Wood garages are susceptible to things like termites and other pest issues that can feed on and damage the integrity of their structural foundation. Wood buildings also require frequent painting, while metal buildings do not.

Metal Roofs Add Additional Fire Protection

Since metal buildings have metal roofs, they also don’t have issues with roofing shingles, can better withstand harsh outdoor conditions, and are mold- and mildew-resistant. Metal garages hold up better during storms because they are impervious to rain, lightning, and fire. Wood can catch fire. The International Building Code considers metal buildings to be non-combustible.

Customizable Options

Wood offers a variety of options for style and color and is often thought of as a more versatile material, but new metal building options provide owners with several colors, shapes, sizes, and facades. Just like wood, they also come in different sizes like two- and three-car. Where once wood material was the preferred building choice due to its upgraded look, newer metal options are offering the same versatility at a lower price point and without sacrifice.

For homeowners looking to add some space to house their vehicles and other toys, a garage is a great way to build equity. When compared side-by-side, both metal buildings and wood options have their advantages and disadvantages. The right choice for you depends on your budget and overall preference. Metal buildings come at a lower cost, sometimes a fraction of wood, and are available in a variety of options. At Portable Buildings of Ravenel, we are committed to offering the highest-quality exterior buildings in the industry. Whether you are looking to build a wooden or metal garage, we have several choices for you to look through.

The Quality of Your Carport Matters – Four Things to Look for

As we roll into 2022, many will commit to cleaning things up for the new year. If you have been considering the benefits of building a carport, this may be the year to pull the trigger.

As we roll into 2022, many will commit to cleaning things up for the new year. If you have been considering the benefits of building a carport, this may be the year to pull the trigger. A carport is an excellent place for additional storage, entertaining space, or to protect your toys and vehicles. But not all carport builders are the same. Don’t just Google “carports near me” and choose – here are four things to look for!

Materials Used

Carports can be constructed from many materials, depending on the style of your home and your needs. The quality of the materials you choose will affect the overall finished product. Before you hire a company to build a carport, look at all the options you have available to find the one that suits your needs best.


When you hire someone for a service, it is always a good idea to know what their guarantee involves. Sometimes carport dealers will guarantee the materials only; sometimes they will include craftsmanship. If you need a contractor to build it from scratch, it is good to know what they will and won’t cover if something happens. If a company can’t tell you what their guarantee is or whether they offer a warranty, you better just assume they don’t and move along to find someone else.


Depending on where you live, there may be rules and regulations about building. If you hire a company that doesn’t pull a permit, then you might be opening yourself up to fines and liability. Some contractors will avoid pulling a permit to cut costs, but that is never a good idea. Not only do you want to ensure that someone is overseeing the work to guarantee that it is done correctly; you don’t want to end up getting into trouble once the contractor is gone. The cost to clean things up falls on you!


Sometimes it can seem like you are getting a great deal – until you look into the entire picture more thoroughly. When constructing a carport, the materials have to be delivered. If you aren’t sure if a company is paying for the delivery, then that can be a huge expense that you didn’t consider. Make sure to look over your quote or contract to fully understand what a company will and won’t cover financially. Otherwise, what at first looked like a great deal can be a really bad deal!

If you resolved to start 2022 by investing in cleaning things up around the house, then a carport might be the ticket to getting organized and having the additional space for storage. But don’t just Google “carports near me” and choose. The quality of the contractor you choose will significantly affect the finished product, so choose wisely and do the legwork to make sure you are getting the best. Contact Portable Buildings of Ravenel to discuss your carport build today!