What to Look for When Choosing Your Graceland Storage Building Dealer

Limited on storage and your cup runneth over? A perfect solution might be to build a Graceland storage building. A storage building is great for keeping vehicles, boats and lawn equipment safe from the great outdoors, but there is a real difference in what you can and can’t keep in them depending on how they are constructed and the manufacturer and dealer you choose to buy from. Graceland is a leader in the industry due to its quality material, designs and expert construction. But it is important to choose the right Graceland storage buildings dealer to get the job done correctly!

Find a Dealer who can Customize

Graceland buildings are the highest quality construction in the market and they also come with a seven year warranty. But if you want something outside the ordinary or customization that works, then working with the right dealer is critical. The right dealer can help to put doors and windows where you want them to make an excellent overall design and flow! They can also work with you to make it aesthetically exactly how you want it by changing things like roof color and other building options.

Find Someone who Will go the Extra Mile

Having a plan that is done right is contingent on knowing how much room you have to work with. Choose a dealer who offers on-site measuring so that you know it is done correctly. A Graceland storage building is a significant investment, make sure that it is done right from start to finish by having experts in the field of building them help take the guesswork out of everything from measuring to planning to final project completion.


Once you decide that you are ready for a Graceland storage shed, you don’t want to have to wait weeks to get it ordered, delivered and assembled. Find a dealer who has what you want either already in their inventory or who will guarantee delivery times that are timely. A good dealer will have many buildings on site which will make delivery easier, and will also allow you to see the product before you buy it.

Permit Services

Do you need a permit? You might and you might not. But it is not something that you want to think about after the fact and then cross your fingers that it will go through. Some jurisdictions require that you apply for a permit, which is a process in and of itself. If you do need to get a permit, find a dealer who will help you obtain one. It is a lot easier having someone who knows what they are doing applying than trying to muddle through the process.

Delivery Can get Expensive

Since delivery can be super expensive, find a dealer that will include the price of it in your order. And since there are specific things that need to be done upon delivery, like the building needs to be placed on concrete blocks, having an experienced delivery service is also essential.

Graceland storage buildings are the best in the industry as far as durability, cost and construction. But to make sure that you get the very best of the best, find a dealer who will go the extra mile to ensure that everything is delivered correctly, measured right, and one who is willing to do a whole lot of handholding from start to finish. For an estimate for a standard, or a one of a kind Graceland shed contact Ravenel Buildings. We are the very best Graceland storage buildings dealer in the Charleston, SC area and beyond!

Four Great Ideas for Your Backyard Shed

Do you ever feel like you are on an episode of the show Hoarder? It is easy to accumulate things around the house especially if you have limited space. Backyard sheds are not only a great place to put all those things that can’t find a home in your home, when designed with a purpose in mind, they can be a great place to find you. These are just four ideas to make a backyard shed someplace where you can find a hobby, your inner chi, or just a place to escape the everyday!

House Your Outdoor Equipment

If you are finding that your garage is becoming so overrun by outdoor equipment for landscaping it is time to find a better solution. A backyard shed is a perfect hideout for all things landscaping including the lawnmower, the trimmer, and just about every other tool you need. Stop trying to cram everything in where it doesn’t belong and then spending all day trying to find what you need. Backyard sheds are an excellent place to allocate for your landscaping tools.

Make a Man Cave

We all know what it is like to need your own little space to get away and think for a while. A backyard shed is a perfect place to carve out a little place for just you. Set it up so that you can get some office work done, woodworking, or any other hobbies that you enjoy. They are built and constructed so well that they can be used year round as a great place to clear your head!

A Perfect Location for Your Workout Room

If you don’t have any place for your weights and other workout equipment, a backyard shed is an excellent place for it all. You can design them exactly how you want, placing doors, windows, and shelves to make it great place to burn off those extra calories. Stop trying to navigate it all in the garage where there is no space and put your health first and foremost by creating your own little studio!

Restore and House That Muscle Car You’ve Always Wanted!

Backyard sheds make an excellent place to both restore and to house your vehicles. Don’t spend the time putting your heart into restoration and then letting it sit outside year round. If you’ve ever thought that restoring an old Firebird or Muscle car would be fun, what are you waiting for? A backyard shed designed just right can make a great place for you to do what you’ve always wanted and bring an old car back to life!

Although people often think of backyard sheds as a place to put tools and other things you don’t have a space for, they can also make a great place to escape and do the things you’ve dreamed of but never had a place for. At Ravenel Buildings, we can design the backyard shed of your dreams. With a little customization and creativity, you can have an entire building that is a perfect getaway from the everyday. Contact us today to discuss your next project!

5 Reasons You Need a Carport in Charleston, SC

Although the weather in the South is not as punishing as it can be in other areas of the country, protecting your belongings from the great outdoors is still a necessity. A full garage is not only expensive, for some; it isn’t even a possibility due to space limitations. Carports in Charleston, SC are an excellent substitute, and they can serve a vast number of uses for you, your boat and your car!

Protection From the Great Outdoors

Charleston, SC is known for its steamy and hot weather. What is also known for is its humid and wet conditions. That can put a significant toll on the exterior of your car. A carport is an excellent way to protect your vehicle from excessive wear and tear and rust. Since the Charleston area is also known for ice and hail storms, a carport is a good idea to keep your car undercover when you park it.

Extra Entertaining Space

A carport can double as an excellent entertaining space. You never have to worry that your outdoor affair will get rained out or concerned about having too many people at your home. You can fit a large crowd under a carport, and since it is covered, it makes a great place to set out munchies and music to really liven up the party!

Provide Extra Storage

Being so close to the water means that a lot of South Carolinians have extra vehicles like boats and water toys. Having a carport is a great way to tackle those extra recreational goodies. Or, for those who have additional utilities like trailers, a carport is an overall great place to store things away from the elements and to keep them safe.

Build Equity in Your Home

A carport will add value to your home and increase the equity you have in it. Should you ever decide to sell your home, you will get an excellent return on your investment. The small cost of having a carport constructed will pay off big time in the long run. So, it isn’t just about convenience and storage; it is about the future value of your home.

No Wasting Money on a Storage Unit

Many people who don’t have enough storage in their home for the “extras” pay monthly for storage units. Over the long term, the cost of a storage unit can really end up, costing you a whole lot. It is much more economical to build a carport, add value to your home, and not throw money out the window renting a space for all those things that you can find room in your home for!

Carports in Charleston, SC are an excellent alternative to a garage. They cost less to build, but carports do no less to protect your vehicles from the elements, double as a storage unit, and help to entertain a crowd.

Contact Ravenel Buildings today to discuss how we can help you build the carport of your dreams today!

The Advantages of Metal Carports in Charleston, SC

Although Charleston is one of the most amazing places on earth, it doesn’t have a whole lot of “real estate”. If you are deciding whether you want to take up green space with a garage or conserve a little with a metal carport, there are many advantages that metal carports Charleston, SC-style can offer over a full garage!

They Don’t Take up Much Room

Unlike a garage, a metal carport won’t take up as much “green space,” which can be limited in Charleston. You can enjoy your backyard while still protecting your car from the elements year-round.

Less Expensive Than a Garage

Building a garage is not cheap! If you want all the advantages of a garage with a fraction of the cost, then a metal carport is the way to go. Have shelter not just for your car, but also for those rainy days when you come home and have groceries to move indoors. A carport is a small investment to make to keep you and your car sheltered!

The Space Can be Multi-Purpose

Not only does a carport provide a house for your car, if you want to use it for other things; it makes a great awning for protection! The additional room is a great way to keep things dry, host a party or occasion under roof, or store things that you can’t keep indoors. For the small cost of a metal carport, you get a whole lot of extra room!

Keep Your Car Safe From In Climate Weather

South Carolina’s weather can be pretty temperamental, which means hurricanes and hail storms. Keep your car safe during all sorts of rough weather so that you aren’t left paying for dings and dents due to stormy conditions.

Keep Your Car Safe From Vandalism

When you park your car on the street, it is more likely to be vandalized or broken into. A metal carport means that you can park your car closer to your house, which will seek to deter many would-be thieves and vandals from costing you money!


Speaking of safety, when you build a carport, it brings your car closer to your front door. That means you aren’t walking from the street to your house in the dark and potentially leaving yourself vulnerable. It is much safer to step out of the car and into your home.

Provide Refuge for Other Vehicles

If you have an RV or a boat that you want to provide shelter for, a garage doesn’t always fit just right. A carport can be built with much more liberation to fit other vehicles besides a car. Metal carports make a great multi-purpose house for all your toys!

If you are deciding whether a metal carport is right for you, think of the many advantages that they offer, and also that they offer over a garage. A metal carport can provide safety, shelter, and an area to house your many things to keep them out of harm from the great outdoors.

Contact Ravenel Buildings today to discuss which type of outdoor structure will best suit your needs. Metal carports Charleston, SC-style might be a perfect solution!