Carports – an Excellent Alternative to Building a Garage

The hurricane season has definitely hit the Charleston, SC area this year with vengeance. It feels as if the rain never stops. If you are living without a garage, the endless rain is probably wreaking havoc on your daily routine. The good news is that you don’t need to invest in a garage to find a way to stay safe and dry. No need to Google “carports near me,” when Ravenel Buildings has a perfect carport to suit your every need! Carports won’t just keep you and your car dry – they have a ton of other uses.

Additional Storage

If you have all your outdoor equipment, gardening tools, and kid's toys strewn across the lawn, they are likely getting rusty due to all of the rain. If you build a carport, not only can it house your car, but it can also add a whole lot of storage for all of your other “things”. Carports come in various sizes so they can provide a whole lot of storage space without spending a lot. If your basement is already chalked full, gain a little extra room outdoors.

Protect Your Vehicles

If you are lucky enough to own a boat, or you want to protect your car from excessive heat, rain, and storms, a carport is a perfect solution. Carports can be large enough to house your extra toys, and keep them protected when not docked. They also can extend the life of your car's exterior by protecting it from the harsh weather conditions of the South Carolinian climate. If you build a carport, you also can save money on paying to have your boat or other recreational vehicles stored off-site. So what you might have to invest in upfront, will well pay for itself over the long-term.

Have Additional Entertaining Space

COVID-19 has sure put a damper on socializing and entertaining. A carport is an excellent way to have additional space to gather with friends and family. Social distancing at its best, a carport can house your guests, and if you make it fancy enough, you can hold some pretty amazing events under the stars without fear of it raining! Your carport can double as a party venue so that you can get back to having fun again!

Cheaper Than a Garage

Garages are a great place to store your vehicles and to house the overflow from your basement and house, but they can be expensive to build. Because we don’t really have really cold weather and the climate tends to be rather mild, a carport can be a great and viable alternative to building a garage. And a carport can store most of the same things. For a fraction of the cost, you can have a carport that will provide you just as many benefits as building a garage.

We are fortunate in the South Carolina area not to have to deal with ice and snow. But during hurricane season, it can feel like the rain is endless. A carport is an excellent alternative to a garage. It can provide the same shelter, house your vehicles, and give you a little extra entertaining space for a fraction of the cost.

Instead of just Googling “carports near me,” contact a company with a proven track record for excellence, Ravenel Buildings, today to discuss your project.

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